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Licensed Massage Therapist

Johanna Beaty

Welcome to our website! My name is Johanna, I have been providing professional massage therapy since 2006.  I know how our everyday routine makes our body suffers from bad postures, like neck, shoulder or back pain, or maybe you have a past injury or a muscle discomfort.

I can help you with my services, the comforting and reassuring massage therapy I provide, allows the recipient to let go of all their built up tension and promotes a feeling of physical and mental relaxation.

Book your massage here and you will feel the positive impact of our therapy in your life!

Proactive Wellness

Maternity Massage

Let us help relieve back pain, hip discomfort, neck, and headaches. We have no restrictions on how early or late in pregnancy

Therapeutic Massage

We do massage therapy for men and non-pregnant women.


This is NOT a massage, but a light touch session that is the Ultimate treatment for Relaxation.


Great for overall relaxation without having to get undressed for a massage

We use products of the best brands only
About us

Come in and our therapists provide the perfect treatment. Our massage is specially designed to help you achieve the perfect mind-body harmony

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